Top Jobs and Needed Education

Network Systems/Data Communications Analyst

Other titles include Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, Systems Managers, Network Specialists, and System Programmers. These people evaluate, evaluate, test, and style network systems for example Internet, intranet, neighborhood systems (LAN), network systems, along with other systems for data communication. In an increase of just about 54% since 2006, this task is recognized as one of the main jobs within the U . s . States having a salary roughly $73,000 annually. Although nearly all these positions need a bachelor’s degree, some companies only need associates levels in areas for example it or information technology.

Software Applications Engineer

Other titles include Application Integration Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Software Architect, Technical Consultant, and Business Systems Analyst. These people create, develop, and modify software applications, evaluate the requirements of the consumer, and could work alone or having a group, team or department. This career is anticipated to improve by a minimum of 44% through the year 2016. Companies hiring these engineers are prepared to pay yearly salaries around $87,000, but they’re requiring a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in information technology or software engineering.

Financial Analyst

Other titles include Personal Financial Consultant, Securities Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Operational Risk Analyst, Research Analyst, and Investment Analyst. These people conduct quantitative examinations for private and public sectors having to pay focus on investment programs. Through the year 2016, greater than 540,000 of those men and women be earning an annual earnings of around $66,000 although not with no necessary education. Companies hiring these people are searching for bachelor levels in areas for example business, finance, and accounting with needed coursework in financial aspects, business, and statistics.

Drug AbuseOrBehavior Disorder Counselor

Other titles include Drug Abuse Counselor, Addictions Counselor, Situation Manager, Substance Treatment Specialist, Assessment Specialist, Certified Substance Counselor. They guide and counsel individuals struggling with various addiction for example drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, etc. Counseling can include individuals, families, or group settings. Unlike another top jobs right here, the positioning of the licensed counselor does need a master’s degree however, some states need individuals who’ve a bachelor’s degree and extra counseling coursework. Their yearly wages are considered to be around $39,000.

Physical Counselor Assistant

Other titles include Physical Rehabilitation Specialist and Licensed Physical Rehabilitation Assistant. These people work carefully with Physiotherapists in treating patients including growth and development of treatment plans. Patients include individuals who’ve been involved with accidents and individuals with assorted disabilities. An associate’s degree from your accredited program meets the academic needs, and has a yearly earnings of around $46,000.