Top 5 Strange College Degrees

Over the past few years, investment and government incentive for youthful individuals to place their education further means colleges and universities all over the world have started to provide a broader selection of Undergraduate and Masters degrees. Although enrollment figures are greater compared to what they have have you been, it’s fair to state we’ve also seen the development of some very strange degree level courses. Listed here are my top five.

5. Sports Ministry is provided at Campbell University’s School of Theology in Kentucky. The undergraduate course offers prospective students the chance to major within the subject that involves relationship building, witnessing, and eventually getting ready to educate sport inside a Christian atmosphere and underneath the eyes of God. It’s also stipulated that students must complete 18 hrs of core Christian studies.

4. In the opposite finish from the spectrum MA in Digital Games can be obtained at Liverpool John Moores College within the United kingdom. The program provides the obligatory concentrate on the altering form and content of games, but additionally teaches theoretical notions of action, along with the cultural and social issues surrounding game titles. The college states: “We strongly think that digital games are among the most critical cultural forms in our time.”

3. Tae Kwon Do can also be open to pursue like a Masters Degree. At Kyung Hee College in Columbia the program purports to build physical, theoretical, and spiritual understanding round the susceptible to this kind of extent that MA graduates become missionaries from the talent. The program sees many enrolments from worldwide students.

2. Mississippi Condition College in america provides a degree course in Floral Management. Obviously, graduates aren’t meant to leave to visit and work from our Interflora. Rather, they become floral display artists, designers for special occasions, and flower wholesalers, with an in-depth learning of horticulture, design, maintenance, and business.

1. But possibly the strangest from the recent degrees received may be the Doctoral in Philosophy of Ufology acquired by Martin Plowman at Melbourne College, Australia. The culture and communication student specialised within the cultural good reputation for UFOs and also the philosophies held by individuals who claim that they can happen to be kidnapped, despite as being a sceptic themself. PhDs are awarded for significant new contributions to some field, and Plowman has collated his research right into a new book.