Improve Your Sitting Posture With A Computer Monitor Lift

With more and more people sitting at the office for the entire day, it’s not much of a big surprise that back, neck, and shoulder pains are among the top complaints. The truth is that sitting for the entire day is not good for your posture or for your overall health. However, there are things that you can do to prevent these pains and injuries, and the best part is that these are all things that are within your reach.

One of the things that you should definitely consider is to get yourself a computer monitor lift. When you have to sit for many hours at a desk, you are probably using your computer. So, you need to ensure that the monitor is well-positioned in terms of height, distance towards you, and even with the right inclination. Besides, since there are times when you don’t need to use your computer, why do you need to have all that space occupied by the monitor? A computer monitor lift can also help, since you can easily put it away allowing you to maintain a good sitting posture.

However, when you are trying to improve your sitting posture, it is important that you are aware of what a good posture is and then adopt some of the things that you can do to improve it.

What Is Good Posture?

One of the things that you need to understand about good posture is that it takes some training and effort at the beginning. Maintaining a good posture is important because this is the only way that you have to avoid putting a lot of strain on your supporting ligaments and muscles.When you adopt a good posture,

– you will be decreasing the stress on your ligaments

– you will be decreasing the wearing of your joints that can lead to arthritis

– you will be using your muscles as you should as well as all your bones and joints will be perfectly aligned

– you will be preventing overuse and strain problems

– you will be preventing your spine to be in abnormal positions

– you will be reducing the fatigue on your muscles

– you will see your energy levels increase

– you will have a better appearance.

While it is important that you have a good posture when you are sitting, it is also important to maintain a good posture when you are standing, walking, and even when you are sleeping. However, under the scope of this blog post, we will stick to how to maintain a good sitting posture at work.

How To Improve Your Sitting Posture

One of the reasons why so many desk workers have a poor posture is due to the number of hours they need to sit at work. However, this is not the only problem. There are certain things that you can change in order to improve your sitting posture. As we already mentioned above, getting yourself a computer monitor lift is one of them.  Let’s check out how you can achieve a better sitting position.

When you are sitting at work, you need to make sure that:

– your feet are flat on the ground or on a footrest

– your knees are slightly lower or at the same height than your hips

– your shoulders are relaxed

– you don’t cross your ankles or your knees

– there is a small gap between your chair and the back of your knees

– your ankles are in front of your knees

– your elbows form an L-shape with your arms

– your knees and forearms are both parallel to the floor whenever it is possible

– your back is always against the chair. In case the chair you are using is too big for you, you should use a cushion, especially in your lower back area

– you sit up straight and look forward without hurting your neck

– you take regular breaks

– you keep your monitor at about at an arm’s length away

– you keep your monitor about 2 inches above your natural line of sight

– you use a wrist pad if you need

– you use an ergonomic office chair

– you position your keyboard and mouse together

– you use a headset if you usually spend a lot of time on the phone.

How Can A Computer Monitor Lift Help You Further

As we have already mentioned above, the way you position your monitor is crucial for your sitting position. This way, a computer monitor lift can be a great help for you.

With a computer monitor lift, you can simply set the best position for you between the height and the tilt.