Best Online Law Degrees

Without having time to go to class in a traditional college, you are able to get ready for legislation career having a degree from your online college. In the comforts of your home, you can aquire the legal education necessary to initiate a legitimate career or pass the bar exam by having an online college law program.

By having an online law degree you are able to pursue a number of different career directions, including criminal justice, litigation support, public interest, corporate or public attorney, or politics something that you could use a conventional college degree.

Many online universities offer law degrees, though all of their programs is exclusive. To assist narrow your research, we have produced a summary of a few of the top online universities for law.

Kaplan College – Kaplan University’s School of Legal Studies offers paralegal and legal studies courses that educate comprehensive, real-world understanding preparing you for school or perhaps a legal career. Online college legal programs around at Kaplan include:

Master’s Degree in Legal Studies

Advanced Start Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies

Advanced Start Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies

Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies

Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies

Legal Secretary Certificate

Path to Paralegal Publish baccalaureate Certificate

Nova Southeastern College – The Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern College provides a certificate in Education Law or perhaps a Master of Science in Education law degree for college students within the education field. These programs provide non-lawyers the understanding to handle the numerous legalities that educators have to face today.

What The Law States Center also provides an expert of Science in Health Law online degree. This can be a two-year, 30 credit program for non-lawyer, medical professionals. It offers the abilities needed to handle legal problems that are plaguing the medical industry.

An Expert of Science in Employment Law addresses probably the most pressing legal questions nowadays, like discrimination, harassment, unions, and using technology at work. The degree is really a two-year program of 30 credits.

Regent College – Regent College School of Law integrates belief using their teachings supplying a legitimate education that’s grounded in Faith and values. Certificates in law and public policy is provided to online students supplying in-depth analysis of both legislative and judicial branches of presidency. The program is most effective for college students thinking about expanding their understanding and augmenting their credentials for legal and political issues.